Re: Norwest Scale Models

Bill Welch

The NP reefer was the only kit in this line that I built and I built two at the same time. Each was detailed slightly differently, mainly the ladders, left end grabs, and gussets on the bottom corners on each side. As I said the major issue was the mushed, mangled hinge problem. A minor irritant was that Brian cast in letters marking where some things went or something along those lines which had to be removed and the sheathing re-scribed. Very silly to do this IMO. Casting them on that is.

The edges of the roof had some issues as I recall. If I were to do a third one, I would kitbash it to have the version with the truss rods on either side of the center sill.

In the end they built into very sharp looking models, and on this kit anyway, I did not feel any advance skills were required. As with any modeling however, some "obsessive compulsive disorder" does help.

Bill Welch

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