Re: What do you guys use to drill holes in plastic and Resin?

Bill Welch

I have the same drill that Brian speaks of that I purchased from him at the "Nashville Depot" about 15 years ago. I use a small variable speed power pack to juice it.

One quirk I have experienced is that not all #79 drill bits will fit, so now I usually take the drill with me when I need new drill bits to fit each one to my drill. I have been pretty successful with minimizing breakage.

To maximize my drilling "efficiency" I try to work on two identical or similar cars at a time, i.e. an 8k and a 10k tank car, two offset twin hoppers, two Pratt trussed SS boxcars, etc.

I do have a couple of pin vices and use the little straight pins that come with shirts to create a starter dimple.

Brian, since Naperville is earlier this year and hopefully before hunting season, I hope to see you there this year!

Bill Welch

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I have had some set backs with plastic and resin kits drilling holes for grabs and such i either brake the bit or it gets broken off in the model.
Do you have any tips on how to do this?
I'm using a pin vise.

Doug Kinder

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