Re: What do you guys use to drill holes in plastic and Resin?

Eric Hansmann


I use my Dremel that I got back in the late-1970s. It is plugged into a special outlet that is wired to a light dimmer. I use the dimmer to regulate the Dremel speed. This operation has eased multiple drilling of the same holes, especially on the three Tichy USRA SS box cars that are nearly completed. There are 64 grab iron holes to drill on each model. No bits were broken during the assembly of these models.

I understand this type of variable electrical source does not work well with newer Dremel tools.

In many cases a dimple helps before drilling. I use a sewing needle in a spare pin vise. I've used a push pin in the past, but like the finer and longer sewing needle tip.


Eric Hansmann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
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I have had some set backs with plastic and resin kits drilling holes for grabs and such i either brake the bit or it gets broken off in the model.
Do you have any tips on how to do this?
I'm using a pin vise.

Doug Kinder

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