Re: What do you guys use to drill holes in plastic and Resin?

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Andy mentions that Dremel doesn't make the foot control any more.
However, most sewing machine stores have foot controls that will
work on the older Dremels. I don't know about the newer Dremels
with electronic speed controls but my old ones run fine with my
Singer brand controller.
Chuck Peck

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Hi Doug,

I use two tools, both powered. Most often I use a Dremel Moto tool with a foot-operated speed control, as I explained in "Building resin freight car kits" in the February "Model Railroader." The smallest Dremel chuck will take no. 80 bits (I keep an special one that I don't use it for any larger sizes), and the foot control lets me run it at slow enough speeds not to melt resin or plastic. The motor tool turns the bit much more steadily than I can turn a pin vise by hand, so despite the size and weight of the tool it's much easier on tiny drills. Dremel doesn't make its foot-pedal control any more, but other manufacturers have similar items.

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