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ian clasper <ian@...>

Anyone know of a source for these kits without the horrible molded on
details? Ebay although useful, is not the best place as the vendors of these
cars do not give the detail that we want and some folks photos are not
detailed enough. There are not a huge number of train shows here in the PNW,
and I have already missed one of the larger ones (Monro).

Ian Clasper

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Ian Clasper wrote

Question is, which of the C&BT kits are worth keeping an eye open for ?
C&BT produced 12 panel, 10'6" box cars. No one else does.

C&BT produced a variety of 40 foot offset double door 10'6"
box cars. Only a "late" version was produced by Front Range.

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
Sterling, Massachusetts

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