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Steve Lucas asked:
"I have a couple of undec HO Bowser (ex-Stewart 70-ton) three-bay hopper kits.
Are they suitable for

modelling IC hoppers, or total foobies if decorated for the IC?"
They'd be foobies, but getting to an accurate IC offset triple is not an easy
path.  The IC cars are a taller three-bay version of the ARA offset quad
familiar to HO scale modelers as the Athearn (and multiple knockoffs) quad, with
the earlier "stepped" taper.  The following photos are of these cars after
rebuilding in the 1970s:
At the risk of disagreeing, the two cars referenced are ICG renumbers of the IC 65300-66699 series 3263 cu ft cars built by the IC in Centralia in 1965, which puts them, even in original paint and number series, outside the range of the STMFC.

While not entirely with the STMFC either, the IC 82000-83499 series 2773 cu ft cars built in 1960 would not have the same height issue. If they are within your era, they may be an acceptable stand in for you despite the lack of the stepped taper.
Many of these cars got side extensions later, beyond STMFC-era, but some remained unchanged through the ICG merger of 1972.
Here's are a couple without the added extensions:
There are also pictures on page 67 of the IC/GM&O Color Guede from Morning Sun.

I have pictures that show the 82000 series coupled to other, identifiable cars with no appreciable height difference, but the 65300s are clearly taller.

Prior to 1960, I can find no IC triple hoppers. The fleet appears to have been primarily twin hoppers and gondolas before this.

To me, the height would be more outside my foobie tolerance than the taper, at least for a larger fleet, but, of course, yours may be different.
Tim VanMersbergen

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