Re: BLI NYC all-steel box cars - photos posted

Donald Ford <ford.donald77@...>

Lets see these are my changes, Air Hose, hand brake wheel, hand grabs, ladder
rungs, door size, door hardware, running board lateral brackets, running board
too high off roof.  All that and save the paint too.  My Westerfield car wasn't
that hard or time consuming.  The BLI car looks toy like.
Don Ford
Kanab UT

From: Fritz Milhaupt <>
Sent: Sat, September 11, 2010 9:07:10 AM
Subject: [STMFC] Re: BLI NYC all-steel box cars - photos posted


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BLI put eight photos of one of these cars on their web site this
week. Here is a link to the first photo in the gallery:
I'm not seeing anything supporting the lower door track.

Let's see. So far, I'd have to lower the walkway, correct the lateral walkway
supports and grabs, free half the door latching hardware from the door, and
install gussets to support the lower door track.

Then, there's the door fit. Is the door opening too large, or the door too
small? Each suggests a different remedy, with the first being considerably more
effort than the second.

I really hope that they aren't planning to ship the cars like that.
When these were announced, I was optimistic they'd save me time over the
Westerfield kits, plus be a bit more durable for operations. But unless they
correct the door issue (at the very least), it's looking like the Westerfield
model would be a far better investment of my time and effort

-Fritz Milhaupt
Web Guy and DCC Wrangler, Operations Road Show

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