Re: Gypsum for cement plants and more--1950's

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Are you sure about this use for gilsonite? Gilsonite is a solidified petroleum, roughly akin to solid
tar. I can't see how it was used in cement, though it might have substituted for coal in the kiln.

Most of gilsonite from the Rainbow, Utah area went to Mack, Colorado (via the narrow gauge Uintah Ry.
until 1938, and later by truck) where it was refined into high octane gasoline. I didn't know the D&SL
hauled it, though they would have been the closest rail connection to Rainbow after the URY was
abandoned. And although I haven't heard of any other sources, there might have been other gilsonite areas
besides Rainbow.

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Garth G. Groff

Kevin Slark wrote:

Isn't Gilsonite used for about the same thing? If so,
the D&SL shipped 8000 carloads a year from Craig,
Colorado until the late 60's. Lets me run LOTS of
Actual STMFC Content Starts here:
Anyone know if Al Westerfield has any plans to make
his Fowler Clones into one piece cars? I need a bunch
for Gilsonite service.

Kevin Slark

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