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Keith Jordan <kjordan@...>

Dave Nelson wrote:

Oh, there is one more item of interest: SFRD26384, westbound with a load of

Dave and others,

RD26384 was an Rr-12 reefer, which originally was built in 1928 as an Rr-7.
In 1932, 100 Rr-7s were modified with stage icing and re-classed as Rr-12s
in series 30000-30099. They also had the hatch covers turned around for use
as ventilators and were assigned to banana service. In 1942, 85 cars had the
stage icing removed and were renumbered in the 26351-26450 series. The other
15 cars joined them in 1945.

They were steel framed, wood sheathed with ARA style steel underframes.
Sunshine makes an HO scale resin kit.

I don't know about the other reefers you talk about. I would've guessed RD,
since that was a common shorthand, but it appears that SFRD26384 was called
out differently.

Keith Jordan

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