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John Nehrich <nehrij@...>

Shawn - Bryon was stating the problem of making a wrapper for a tank car
that curved evenly - that embossing the rivets or casting them on a
cast-resin wrapper made the overlay bend in a series of short tangents - if
I remember what he said.
My point is that using thick ink, it might be possible to print a
three-dimensional shape deep enough for a rivet. On a black tank car it
would be as visible as any rivet is (assuming it worked).
- John

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What happened to the use of "pounce wheels" (sp?) to make
rivet strips and patterns. I take it that's not state of
the art anymore? Decals are a nice idea, but I can't see
that working when you want to add some to a black tank car.

Shawn Beckert

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