Re: C&BT boxcar kits

Don Udets

Garth Groff wrote: "C&BT produced some 12-panel boxcars with various door
widths and end types. Their 6' door car with 4/4 ends can match certain ATSF
and D&RGW classes (with some tinkering). AFAIK, the 7' and 8' door widths,
and those with R-3/4 ends, have no prototypes ... the D&LW had several
groups of 12-panel 8' door cars, though with diagonal panel roofs, and some
with "banana taper" ends."

Can you give a bit more info on the D&LW cars? I have 2 C&BT Shops riveted
12-panel/rect. panel roof/8' door undec kits with "rolling pin" ends, 4-4
and 4-3-1. Removing/replacing the roof or ends wouldn't be too difficult.

I also have a C&BT Shops 12-panel/rect. panel roof/rolling pin 4-4 end/6'
door kit lettered D&RGW #60026 in the white Cookie Box scheme, reweigh date
6-54. Collector's Edition with snubber/coupler/wheel data end lettering.
Labeled "Return to Denver Colo. when empty".

I have always wondered how accurate it is. How far would these Rio Grande
insulated Cookie Box (bakery goods) cars have wandered? I model the east
coast, which would probably be a stretch. Could be stripped and used for
the Santa Fe Bx-48, Bx-50 or Bx-51s.

These are decent shells--just pitch all the detail parts and replace with DA
ladders and grabs, Tichy or similar brakeset, Kadee roofwalk etc. etc.



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