The Atlas USRA steel rebuild. Again.


I know that the current conversation is about the BLI NYC boxcar--the one I was thinking it was about time to order. Well, maybe not.

Anyway, Atlas has announced another run of their USRA rebuilds. I did a search of this list, and it appears the cars MIGHT work for ACL and/or Frisco. But those list-comments appeared before the car was widely available.

So, I'm asking if there are any new comments about these cars. I note that Atlas is supplying them with two kinds of ends and two kinds of underframes, so at least they're trying.

Also interesting is that they have yet to release any in ACL or Frisco. I was interested in their Rock Island issue, but the ORER description doesn't match the model. Too bad; the model looks kinda nice. Wrong, but nice.


Edward Sutorik

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