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Bill Welch

I "feel you" Greg in terms of upgrading. I am resigned to the fact it seems to take me the same amount of time to do build, paint and decal a styrene kit, no matter whether it is RC, IM, Accurail, Tichy, BL, etc as it does to build, paint and decal a resin kit. (And I am not Jack Spencer)

Bill Welch

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Hi Greg--

Tx to you and the rest for your comments. I too like Accurail,very much. Otherwise the subject would not have come up and I hope that nobody is taking offense at the question. I've been looking for a modest temporary upgrade for an even more modest amount of time away from getting the new roadbed & such in. It started as a casual comment on my part, "gee, it sure would be nice...." and I was startled by the dealer's response, like he hears that a lot. If he's accurate I thought, no use sending yet another email. But the point is well taken, ought to do it anyhow.

I also enjoy upgrading cars, but for me at least its a slippery slope: "Oh, I'll just do this" quickly turns into a major diversion.

Tx for your replies, no offense intended

Wayen O'Hern

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Can you tell me why you would ask us to comment on ACCURAIL's position when
you could email them at _dennis@_ (mailto:dennis@)

It is funny you didn't ask for comments on our personal opinions of
ACCURAIL kits. Mine is I have used them extensively in upgrading and kit
conversions with great success and shared them with others. The time spent is as
rewarding as laying track or doing scenery in my opinion, I find all of this
to be essential.

Greg Martin

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Can anyone comment on Accurail's position on the topic?

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