Re: ACCURAIL separate ladders & grabs

Greg Martin

Bill and All,

Off line I sent Wayne a couple of photos of the Shake N Take Accurail
Reefer we did in the past and one that was done later representing the Needham
Packing/Sioux City Dressed Beef car that I did and have had at Cocoa Beach.
These cars are simple (currently have four underframes nearly completed on
the bench) and the results are better than average. Never having built a
resin kit I have finished I suffer from a comparison issue. I nearly finished
a Roller Bearing Models resin Troop Sleeper but gave it to a friend
before it was finished. Shame on me, well perhaps.

I will likely never finish all the styrene kits that I have in my "stash".

Greg Martin

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fgexbill@... writes:

I "feel you" Greg in terms of upgrading. I am resigned to the fact it
seems to take me the same amount of time to do build, paint and decal a styrene
kit, no matter whether it is RC, IM, Accurail, Tichy, BL, etc as it does
to build, paint and decal a resin kit. (And I am not Jack Spencer)

Bill Welch

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