Re: NC&StL (was GN) Flat Cars

Benjamin Hom

Bob Kutella asked:
“A friend (and member here) scanned the insert in the set of Champ decals that I
have ordered. The immediate question is do any of you know what color the TICHY
flat car kits were painted for this road? The info on the decal sheet suggests
black or iron oxide, but not which one.”
Brian Carlson posted the same question earlier last week.  To date, nobody has
posted an answer.  If you have two Tichy kits (or have one of the Ertl models on
hand that models the same prototype), you can paint one black and the other red!
“The sheet also suggests a number of 70229; do any of you know if this is a
correct number or the series the cars may have had?  The kit in question is sold
by TICHY as their Kit 4021 and is said to be a 40' fifty ton flat car and has
straight side sills, not fishbelly. The claim is that it was built by AC&F in
1928 for the NC&StL.”
NC&StL bought these cars in two batches:
NC&StL 70100-70199, 1923
NC&StL 70200-70299, 1926
A builder’s photo of NC&StL 70229 was published in the 1928 and 1931 issues of
the Car Builders Cyclopedia.
See Richard Hendrickson’s article in the June 1993 issue of Railmodel Journal
for more information on this and other potential prototypes for this kit.
Ben Hom

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