Re: ACCURAIL separate ladders & grabs

Ray Breyer

How would you compare Accurail's twin hopper with
Tichy''s?Too much work needs to be done on Accurail's
car to make it an acceptable model IMHO.For those who
need large numbers of  twin hoppers these are merely
stand ins.Armand Premo
Hi Armand,

Remember, the Tichy USRA twin hopper is almost 18" too long. Accurails, while having cast-on grabs, are the correct length. That in itself makes the Tichy (Gould) model much more of a foobie than the Accurail.

Accurail hoppers have VERY fine cast-on grabs. For those of us needing to assemble a FLEET of cars, they're pretty much good as-is out of the box. Add cut levers, maybe a few other SMALL free-standing details, and a quality weathering job, and they're done.

And remember: once the cars start rolling all those fine details disappear into a blur of browns and blacks. Superdetailing each and every car to super fine standards might be fun and earn brownie points, but it doesn't get the cars on a layout moving!

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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