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I suspect Ken was thinking of 5th Avenue Car Shops, who market excellent custom painted and lettered Accurail cars, and whose web site has a complete list of all current and previously issued cars by road number with Polly Scale references for matching the sides and ends of all their cars. I have not seen this on Accurail's web site for their own releases; note that on their Decal Renumber Set page, they advise that "There have been too many changes in paint formulation for us to be able to match the color of many of our older kits." I suspect that like many other manufacturers, Accurail uses commercial paint products rather than paint from any of the firms that market to modelers. Perhaps Dennis Storzek can comment on this.
Actually, we were using Po.lyscale, and the list is still on our web site, under "Paint Information":

The problem is, about two years ago Testors, the makers of Polyscale, notified us that they were not willing to package and sell paint in bulk any longer, so we are again using commercial coatings matched to the old colors. Drift control is always a problem in this situation, and so the colors may no longer be a good match. I see that while the paint list is still up, none of the newer releases have the colors noted.

The reason for the disclaimer on the re-number decal order slip is to ward off people trying to order decals for kits that were produced decades ago, that we would have no way of knowing what color the paint might be.


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