Re: Philadelphia Quartz Tank Car

Lawrence Jackman <ljack70117@...>

OK I have a question. Cars that are outlawed for interchange. If the car
is a privately owned and is loaded and shipped from the owners/lease
holder of the car plants, is this not considered interchange even when
only one RR handles it?????
Thank you
Larry Jackman

CBarkan@... wrote:

As recently as about 1990, I saw a similar vintage PQ ACF-built, insulated
103 Baltimore at Lamberts Point on the former B&O. At that time it was
painted in an attractive (albeit faded) blue and yellow paint scheme.
Although I don't know for sure, I doubt the car was in free interchange. My
guess then was that it was shuttling between Balto and Phila (or wherever the
product was coming from) on CSX w/o need for interchange. It seems plausible
that in the WM era, these cars could have gone west via Reading and WM. A
little research on PQ's customers might yield some clues.

If it is painted in a Henderson-approved stencil arrangement, it would be a
waste to repaint it, as it is probably quite accurate.


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