Re: Atlas' CN steel rebuild box car...

Tim O'Connor

Are those sprung trucks on that model?? Are they joking? Just after
the last holdout (Kadee) finally adopted more realistic looking springs,
Atlas moves in the other direction?

I object to the term Foobie, BTW. An incorrect model is not always
a Foobie, even though a Foobie is always incorrect. One must not use
the term indiscriminately or it loses its RPM value.

Tim O'Connor

Benjamin Hom stated that he didn't know if the "Atlas USRA rebuild" was an accuarate model of a CN car.
Now that I've looked at Atlas' photos of the models in N and HO, I'll put it this way--Foobie alert!
for the HO car.

Some personal opinion follows...
Close, but no cigar.
Reporting marks, data, and "CANADIAN NATIONAL" lettering are too large. Leaf herald should be centred on panel next to grabirons. Dimensional data font is too large.
Ends should be flush with the sides.
Roof should be Hutchins Dry Lading for this car number; not a flat, rivetted roof.
Stirrups are wrong.
Door is clunky. Camel door rollers missing handle and poorly reporesented on model. And what is that thing that the door slides in? Even Athearn's 40' steel boxcar lower door track was less crude than this.
You can buy this in HO or N--if you want to...
Steve Lucas.

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