Timonium report and N&W hoppers

Bill Welch <bwelch@...>

I only stayed for while this past Saturday. It was very crowded as it was in two smaller buildings.

Steve Funaro had castings for his NMRA convention kit, three different versions of a Florida East Coast car, as built as a Ventilated boxcar, then rebuilt as a boxcar. I am not clear but there may be two versions of the boxcar rebuild. He will do the S&A cars too. (FEC had two series of ventilators, Westerfied has done the other)

(BTW, sunshine will introduce a vineger tank car at the convention. No gondolas until the fall)

Bob's Photos was there and I could not believe after everything southeastern I have gotten from him, I still found about 50 prints to buy. There were N&W, CofG and Clinchfield etc. things I still had not seen from Col. Chet McCoid.

One of the N&W photos was a H21a leased from the Pennsy. I was aware that they had leased these cars but did not realize it was during my time frame. Ordinarily I would be content to build, paint and letter this myself but there is some interesting stenciling related to the lease on the side of the car. I am wondering if Bowser has issued this scheme for their H21a

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