ACF/Gen Am/PS = 1958 cu ft cars

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Ed Hawkins writes:

The design for the 1958 cubic foot car was ACF's and they held patents on
design. I'm not sure what arrangement was made for the other car builders
that produced cars of the ACF design (probably some royalty agreement),
the basic design was the same.
Only one AC&F order
(for Western Maryland) had double tines.
As usual, happenings in the real world are/were not as straight forward as
one might like. Nevertheless, while the Kato car will apparently work for an
ACF WM car, the UP version is, I gather, a Gen American car [ of ACF's
design ]. I suppose it might have been better if Kato had just referred to
them as 1958 cu ft cars. And, of course, it's a nit. Ed, BTW, wrote an
excellent series on these cars in RMJ beginning in Mar '91 [ in which he
described the different latching mechs ] and Richard Hendrickson in Sep '97
in RMJ as well.

Mike Brock

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