Re: bracket grab irons

Tim O'Connor


The 22" grabs are incorrect.

Detail Associates made those grabs for their General Service gondola kit
(they are correct for the gondola) but I've never seen bracket grabs this
size on a box car.

I bought a bunch of PS-1 parts sprues from Intermountain. The Branchline
and Red Caboose grabs are finer, but more expensive. What I do is to glue
the bracket grabs in place, and then cut off the grab* -- leaving only the
brackets. Then drill for .008 wire, one hole in each bracket, and apply wire.
They look terrific, and they won't break!! It's really quite fast and easy.

I'll send you a photo offline.

Tim O'Connor

* I let the glue/styrene set for at least an hour before I do this.

All, I am currently working on a Bowser PRR X-31A boxcar. After removing molded on grabs, I installed Detail Associates # 6209 bracket type, 22 inch. Wondering what others in this group would use for bracket grab irons for this or other application?
Lester Breuer

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