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Bruce Smith

On Sep 17, 2010, at 10:39 AM, krowth3249 wrote:

I too have a Bowser X31A I want to upgrade. In addition to grab irons, what are people using for replacement ladders? I can't seem to find any commercial parts that are the right width and rung spacing. I'm considering trying to make my own from brass but that's hard!

Based on a "fleet" conversion process, the difficulty in finding matching ladders and the difficulty in shaving the stiles from the ends, I restricted myself to removing the rungs. Even that can be a challenge on the ends <G>. I replaced them with Tichy ladder rungs, although brass wire would work as well. The end result looks good and while separate ladder stiles would be more accurate (as well as correct end ladder width, another issue with these cars), I can definitely live with the finished product (I did an X31, X31A single door, X31A double door, X31B, X31C and X31F using the same approach).

BTW, on my workbench is a project to replace the Bowser floor in another X31A with floorboards cut from the actual floorboards of a prototype X31A!


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