Gem 3 domed tank car/Trainland in Lynbrook


Was this tank car discussed recently? I saw one for sale at Trainland in Lynbrook a few days ago. The box looked to be in mint condition; they probably found it and about a dozen other 40 year old brass cars in the back or bought an estate. The prices looked a little high for such old models.

I was amazed at how much prices have gone up and the quality of the Broadway Limited USRA hopper. The grab irons look to be scale (10-12 mils!).

I was a little surprised to see an Athearn (HO!) aquarium car on sale for $45. I wonder who would want to buy this? You can buy a radio controled car for less money.

I also saw a few former blue box models selling for $15. New trucks but the same old shells.

For such a well know place the customer area of this shop is small and few models are on display.


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