Re: bracket grab irons

Bill Welch

Dear Lestor:

I stocked up with the Overland brass "bracket grab kit" before and just after it became unavailable from them. Someone on this list was in conversation with Overland trying to get a bulk order done, but I do not know what happened. I imagine Overland may have lost their source.

I was also able to get the often mentioned Terry Wegman to do some "lost plastic" brass castings of IMWX, Intermountain, and Red Caboose bracket grabs and sill steps sacrificing the plastic parts in the burn out process. I would love to have some more of these done from the X29 detail parts as I have enough for only three models. He is no longer doing this but this would be a great "Steam Era Freight Car" group project to explore finding a casting shop to do this. It was not inexpensive but it was a fair price and these detail parts are now of course bullet proof. It also means the parts can be easily filed if one wants to thin them.

I have always heard the Detail Associates bracket grab version was done for their little gondola but my kit does not have them and instead has wire with cast on bolt attachments.

Bill Welch

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All, I am currently working on a Bowser PRR X-31A boxcar. After removing molded on grabs, I installed Detail Associates # 6209 bracket type, 22 inch. Wondering what others in this group would use for bracket grab irons for this or other application?
Lester Breuer

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