F&C NYC Despatch Covered Hopper


Guys -

Has anyone here converted the Funaro & Camerlengo kit for the 1946 version (2000 cu.ft.) of the NYC covered hopper (Lot 747-H with 8 hatches) into the shorter NYC 1800 cu.ft. version built in 1939 and 1940 (Lots 671-H and 680-H with 10 hatches)?

We have the F&C kit (and an earlier version of the same F&C car made by Central Hobby Shop in their West Shore Line) available in "O" scale. I have one of each kit and want to convert one to the shorter car.

Is the roof of the earlier, shorter 10-hatch car flat, ie. without raised panels? Does it have seam caps or just riveted sheets? I just can't see how there was any room on the roof for any raised panels, compared to the later cars.

Thanks for the help!

A.T. Kott

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