Re: Norwest kits

David Turner

The main website for Norwest at Promodelbuilders no longer lists any HO
models. However, if you try this one, it shows some items discontinued
but still lists the GN caboose, as described below. I have one of these
in my unbuilt stash; it looks good. I suggest that you contact them as
shown on that page to confirm if the kit is still available.

This kit builds into a model of a Great Northern wood caboose, accurate
for X-198, X-200 to X-228, and X-230 to X-249. The kit was developed
from photos and field measurements of GN X-237,....( And, of course,
some SP&S cabooses.)

Best regards,
David Turner
Keeping the S. P. & S. Rwy. alive in Santa Rosa, California

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