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They look great Claus!

Mark Morgan

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Some time back, I asked about D&H composite Seley hoppers on this list.

My N scale models are now complete, weathered and all.

See URL below.

Keep in mind this is N scale, but the image size on your monitor might easily
exceed that of HO!

The top car is my paint, and CDS dry-transfer lettering, which did not come out
exactly perfectly, but that is OK since the
lettering probably didn't remain perfect on the real-life cars for very long!

The bottom car is the (likely not prototypically correct) factory lettering and

Both cars got some simply upgrades - new brakewheels, new stirrups, new trucks,
body mounted couplers and such. For what I had in
mind, I'm happy with the way they came out and they show there is hope for stuff
made in N scale back in the "bad old days".

Thanks everyone for all the useful help along the way!

- Claus Schlund at Hell Gate Models

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In N scale, we have had a nicely done model of the D&H composite Seley hoppers
available since the "dark ages".

Of course over the years the models have been painted up in a million bogus
paint schemes.

Surprisingly, it was even available factory painted for D&H! The factory paint
was white lettering on a black body, which I always
thought was incorrect. I had heard these cars were painted Tuscan Red.

So when I got around to upgrading the ones I had, I painted them Floquil Tuscan
Red and lettered them with CDS dry transfers. I
didn't repaint the one car I had in factory D&H paint, just for nostalgia!

You can see an image of my paint and the factory paint at the url below.

Recently, I was clearing up some old calendars and train mags, and on the front
cover the the 2000 Anthracite Roads Historical
Society was a very nice yard shot. One of the cars was clearly a D&H Seley
hopper, and get this, it was painted black! See url

So can anyone tell me what the color was really supposed to be? I model the
year 1929.

- Claus Schlund

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