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To Ben and everyone else who replied, thanks!

I'll try making an HO Athearn 4-bay into an IC 3-bay. Just a little cutting and splicing and comparing a mocked-up model model to the real thing. Which may lead me into yet another project to work on...

Thanks again,

Steve Lucas.

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Steve Lucas asked:
"I have a couple of undec HO Bowser (ex-Stewart 70-ton) three-bay hopper kits.
Are they suitable for

modelling IC hoppers, or total foobies if decorated for the IC?"
They'd be foobies, but getting to an accurate IC offset triple is not an easy
path.  The IC cars are a taller three-bay version of the ARA offset quad
familiar to HO scale modelers as the Athearn (and multiple knockoffs) quad, with
the earlier "stepped" taper.  The following photos are of these cars after
rebuilding in the 1970s:
I remember seeing an in-process HO scale model of one of these cars out at the
first St. Louis prototype meet done from an MDC offset triple, but I don't
remember the modeler (it was either Dan Kohlberg or Mike Budde).  The problem,
as always, with this model is the goofy deep side sill and shallow profile
hoppers, but it does have the stepped taper and, with Archer rivets now
available, doing the four side sheet reinforcements is now a lot easier. 
Another route would be to convert an Athearn quad to a three bay hopper, but my
gut feeling is that this conversion would be too short in height.

Ben Hom

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