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Another source is Wabash Custom Decals (Mark Vaughan)
Rich Christie

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CDS made highly accurate dry transfer lettering (#532) for the
NYC cars built by Despatch in 1940. This must be for the car that
you saw in the 1941 CBC.

Tim O'Connor

Steve -

Do you have anything resembling a plan for the earlier cars in Lots 671-H and 680-H? I have the NYC freight car diagrams for each, but only have an erection drawing from the 1953 CBC for the later Lot 747-H. The drawing on p. 288 of the 1941 CBC depicts an Enterprise covered hopper that is sort of "halfway between" the dimensions of the two series of cars, even though a photo of NYC #880500, first car in the earlier series, appears in an Enterprise advertisement on the next page.

Alternatively, do you have a photo clearly showing the roof details for the earlier cars?

The kits in "O" scale have decals in them, but I have not examined them closely for accuracy yet.


A.T. Kott

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