Re: F&C NYC Despatch Covered Hopper

Tim O'Connor


Steve, there are builder photos, pre-1955, of grey NYC covered hoppers.
Also, the 1966 photo I mentioned is a pre-gothic lettering grey painted
Despatch "Enterprise" type covered hopper. If you have photos of red or
black NYC covered hoppers, how about some dates and car numbers?

I don't follow your train of thought -- you say there are no photos of
cars in grey before 1955, and then you mention Jerry's set for grey cars
in pre-1955 lettering. Your point?

Tim O'Connor

So we have zero photos of a NYC covered hopper post-war before the 1955 advent of Gothic lettering in gray.

As he posted earlier, Jerry Glow has a decal set for a gray car in either lot 671-H (also 10 hatches) or 747-H in the pre-1955 era. His decals are exquisite.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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