Champ Decals Order

Bill Welch

I ordered a few backup sets for my favorite "Ya'll" RR's freight cars, an FGE set because it has some stenciling not available in any other set and L&N and SRR steam loco sets (the only game in town) last week (the invoice says 9-17) via credit card and I received everything I ordered today, Monday, Sep. 20.

The two herald designs w/the NC&StL sets were Alps printed, while the Tennessee Central sets featured slight smaller RR name and reporting marks. The S&A set looks finer than i remembered.

One of the Dealers on the "Great Decals" website looks to be a big Champ dealer and there are many sets no longer on the Champ site which might be available there.

The invoice did say they were closing shop at the end of September as others have noted, but obviously there is a quick turn around for now.

Bill Welch

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