Re: Tichy panel side 2-bay hopper

Bruce Smith


Stan offers TWO DIFFERENT panel side hoppers
- The Ann Arbor/Wab cars, based on the Athearn twin
- The PRR GLF, based on the Bowser GLA.

Clearer now? (as a PRR modeler, I own the former, but not the later)

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

On Sep 24, 2010, at 1:09 PM, Pieter_Roos wrote:

I don't know about the GLa parts, but Stan did a set for the Wabash/
Ann Arbor cars built in their shops. The set was written up in RMJ,
and I recall he also sold Athearn hoppers with the sides laser cut
for the panels (which were open on the inside).

Going further back, Cannonball Car Shops sold panel sides to
replace/overlay the sides on the Lifelike/Varney hopper to make a
panel sided USRA car. I don't thik many would consider that route
to such a model at this stage.

Pieter Roos

--- In STMFC@..., Donald Ford <ford.donald77@...> wrote:

That is a kit for a PRR class GLF a rebuilt GLAƂ one car but the car is too short
the prototype was 8" taller I have one but don't run it with other
Don Ford
Kanab UT

And then there's the kit that Stan Rydarowicz has been selling.
Clark Propst

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