Re: Exactrail MILW Ribsides - Wheelsets


Thanks for the tip, Chuck, I purchased one of the rtr! Surprised to see the
paint missing, contacted ExcatRail and no response. Maybe they are busy working
on another rib car :-)

Mark Morgan

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Sorry, I don't have the Exact Rail kit, but I do have a Rib Side Car
kit and the paint match for it is Polly Scale Oxide Red.
Chuck Hladik

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How about a selection of which paint for touch up. Mine has a spot on the
rib on the A end minus paint.
Mark Morgan

PS thanks for wheel set message

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Subject: [STMFC] ExactrailMILWRibsides - Wheelsets


FYI, if you have any of the Exactrail Milwaukee "ribside" box cars and you
desire to replace the car's wheelsets with P88 wheelsets, the
Intermountain P88
wheels are an exact match for the kit's Barber trucks.

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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