Re: Accurail single-sheathed box cars and SL-SF single-sheathed box cars.

Bill Welch


Both of the cars in the photos you refer to are also rebuilt with steel sides. The stenciling on these was only applied to these rebuilds I believe in the early 1950's. These Howe truss cars had a straight centersill instead of a fishbelly, which is easy to work up with the kit's u/f.

I cannot find the notebook w/my SL-SF photos, but I believe they had both wood and steel doors that tended to get mixed up when shopped meaning a car built with wood doors could leave the shops w/steel and the other way around. I will keep looking.

The stenciling on the Accurail car looks pretty much like my Sunshine model.

Bill Welch

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Accurail offers a single-sheathed box car (#7203) lettered for SL-SF 34328, lettered built 1936, re-weighed 1951with 6-panel sides, wood doors, Dreadnaught ends, ladders (instead of grab irons), a vertical-wheel power hand brake and a fish-belly underframe. I assume the model has wood running boards.

Does Accurail 7203 possess the correct basic set of features - ends, roof, sides, doors - for SL-SF 34328?
For what approximate time period is the Accurail lettering on 7203 appropriate?

I found two pictures of similar SFSF box cars on the internet. The most notable differences are the metal door and lettering.

For what approximate time period is the lettering in these two photos appropriate?

Somehow I have a copy of "General Arrangement of Outside Steel Frame 40-Ton Frisco Box Car" from Railway Age Gazette, Mechanical Edition, October 1912, page 558. Surely there must have been an article on adjacent pages with more information. There is no end view on my page. The car in the drawing has:
6-panel sides
wood door
fish-belly underframe
KC air brake
Plate A or vertical staff hand brake
Wood running boards
Outside metal roof of some sort

It appears as if either a model from the Accurail "7000 Series 6-Panel Wood Boxcar with Wood Doors & Wood Ends" or the "7200 Series 6-Panel Wood Boxcar with Wood Doors & Dreadnaught Ends" might be a suitable model for the car in the drawing depending upon whether or not the car in the drawing has Dreadnaught ends.

Does anyone have additional information on these 1912 Frisco single-sheathed box cars? Were they ever built?

The earliest ad I have found for Dreadnaught ends is 1928. Does anyone know of anything earlier?

Gene Green

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