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On Mar 21, 1:18pm, tgmadden wrote:
Subject: Re: [STMFC] rivet decals
Bill Welch wrote:
The Archer sets were mentioned on r.m.r a year or two ago, and I bought
couple of sets. Nice definition, but they're flat rather than domed, and
too thin. Can't find the email correspondence concerning them right now,
I'll keep looking.

Tom M.

Not to worry -- I've got 'em (the postings, that is). The
difference between the Archer idea and the "Nehrich" idea is that Archer
is using DRY TRANSFERS and not DECALS. I personally like the dry transfer
concept -- no film to hide. I still have a pipe dream of being able to
get strips of properly-spaced rivets that I can use to add ACR to my UP
box cars...

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Wayne Long wrote:

I measured the thickness of the items in the sample sheet I purchased
from ARCHER. They are 0.02 mm thick. I think that that is something
like 0.00075", which would be only 0.065" in HO.

[The prototype for a standard 1" rivet measures]
Shaft = 1" O.D.
head = 1 5/8"
head thickness = 11/16" + which is 0.22 mm in HO scale
To which Tom Madden replied:

Great info, Wayne. Plan 3XXX Pullmans used 1/2" rivets in the belt rail
and in the long horizontal row at the bottom of the side, and 3/8" rivets
everywhere else in the side. Applying the above formula, the head
diameters would be 7/8" and 11/16", respectively. Or 0.010" and 0.008" in




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