Re: PRR/N&W H30a Covered Hoppers


During my teen years I remember the PC switching these at Mt.Vernon OH. They would take the empty cars to Millwood to be loaded. Now a pikepath!

Mark Morgan

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And done some very, very, nice work on it--even if the prototype is outside the purview of STMFC.

Steve Lucas.

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Evidently, someone has finished a Railshop H30! :-)
Tim O'Connor
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Good luck on the kit. I purchased one and I also got the basic shell done......then gave up. I had problems trying to get the brake to sit in properly and I was not sure exactly how the ladder cage assembly would fit correctly. I think I gave up when I realized the final product would not be worth the aggrevation of the rest of the assembly. I have not been that fustrated since trying to assemble the F&C version of this car....which succumbed to the "stomp" factor.
I am not new to resin kits and have assembled a number of Rail Yard Model kits.
Curious if anyone else out there have actually finished one of these Railshop H30 covered hoppers?
-Tom Haag

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