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Armand Premo

Brian,I was fully aware that they were talking about a current model.MY response was about the car ,not the kit.I may be off by a few years,but I believe that Steve produced several kits for the RPI group.Some of my first resin kits were purchased from RPI.Ben may be able to provide more information on the subject.I'll try to remember to bring the car with me to Cocoa Beach. A .Best,A

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Armand: discussion is about the plastic Railshops kit not the F&C kit. Doubt you built it 30 years ago maybe 20. F&C wasn't around in 1980.
Brian carlson

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I built the car some thirty years ago.It was released by the RPI club as part of their NEB&W line.It was produced by F&C .It is a nice looking car.Came with trucks and sold for $19.95.Cabot #21.Armand Premo


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