Re: Railshop Carbon Black Car ?

David Sieber

Ted Culotta's article "Essential Freight Cars: 20" in the Mar 05 Railroad Model Craftsman covered three unique "non-essential" cars (QA&P double-sheathed wood boxcar, carbon black hopper, and vinegar tank car). It had two paragraphs on carbon black and early prototype cars, followed by a couple of pages on how to model the earliest cars with the F&C kit (NOT the Railshop car which I believe is a later prototype). Ted referenced Martin Lofton's article "Carbon Black" in the May 93 Mainline Modeler, and Eric Neubauer's "Carbon Black Cars" in Freight Car Journal Monograph #15 for more information on these uncommon cars.
Hope this helps,
Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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Ted Culotta had an article in RMC. At work right now but someone on this group know!

Mark Morgan

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