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I doubt that all four of the decal offerings would be suitable
for your 30,s period. Perhaps one or two.
You are looking for as-built schemes to satisfy this requirement.

For some good reference points, take a look at photos in the
book AC&F 1899-1999 by Ed Kaminski (Signature Press).
page-249 CTLX-107 built 1936.
page-249 UCBX-126 built 1941.
page-252 CCX-304 built 1947.
If you do not own this book, buy it. It is well done.

Both the Railshops and F&C kits are intended to represent
the AC&F built 3000cf cars.
General American, Pullman-Standard, and Magor also built
3000cf capacity cars of the same basic design.
But, as always expect slight differences.

I have seen other photos of as-built schemes but do not
recall where at the moment.

Ron dePierre

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Has anyone built this car? What are your thoughts about it? The markings offered for this car would any of them fit in a 30's era train ?

Doug Kinder
Thanks for your response. When you wrote "perhaps one or two" which one's ?
Doug Kinder

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