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Bob McCarthy


    Not speaking as a manufacturer but a producer of custom decals for individuals and would like to comment on producing decals.

    When we are asked to produce a decal set, we request stencil diagrams if they are available.  Next we can use sharp images with the known size.  We then have the customer proof the decal art before we print anything for him.

    We are only as good as information provided. 

     When color is involved, the customer has to approve the color used based upon images or color chips if available. We took almost ten months of going back and forth to assure
accuracy.  The NC&StL Historic Society was involved as well.

     We do this research on every decal we  produce.  It is based upon our need for accuracy not making a profit  As a modeler I really like accurate lettering on anything I build. One thing led to another.


Bob McCarthy

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I tend to think that some manufactures think as long as nothing is misspelled

then it's close enough. Todd Horton


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Could someone who has an assembled model or kit with the Sunshine decals measure

the lettering? For example, the stencil drawings in Frt. Car Journal No. 63 show

that the"n" in Dixieland should be 9" tall which is the same height as the

NC&StL reporting marks. The model in the Sunshine flyer doesn't look like that

is the case. Likewise, the "D" in Dixieland for the brushstroke lettering should

be 18" tall. I think that the reporting marks are probably too large (and heavy)

but without a set of decals to measure I can't be sure. Also, I am in favor of

several suppliers. They can tend to keep each other on their toes, sort of like

Boeing and Airbus I guess. FHP (Frank H. Peacock)

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