Pipe Unions, tees, and elbows in brass

Bob McCarthy


    If any one reading this list would like real brass unions, tees or elbows, contact me off


Bob McCarthy

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Very short lengths of shrink tubing make very nice HO scale

pipe unions and angle fittings.

Put it on 'loose' and move it to where you want it, when you

want it there, and shrink around the brass wire.

Need it thicker? Use two and shrink the first and then put

the second over it.

Use slightly longer lengths to do "corners". Can even be

used to form "T" joints by using 3 pieces (one on each leg)

and then 'joining' in the middle with some Krystal Klear.

Will hold paint but not real well - acrylics slightly better

than lacquers in this regard. It is better to use a color for

the shrink tubing that 'blends' with the rest of the model

(black usually) ... and the piping color.

You can even use it to 'join' two pieces of scale piping.

For instance if you break a hand rail you can slip on some

shrink tube on one side, align and slide it over the other

so it covers both, and shrink to lock in place.

- Jim

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