Re: Reading ques.

Larry Kline

I have a 1926 builders photo of RDG gon 25020 (24500-25499) and a 1957 McCoid photo of RDG gon 24198 (23500-24499), both with Taylor trucks. These are 70 ton, 46' IL USRA clone class GML gons. The wheelbase is probably 5'8" which was the standard wheelbase for 70 ton trucks.

I have three other photos of earlier GMLs 20000 and 20571 (20000-21999) and 23599 (23500-24999) that have 70 ton Andrews trucks.

There is a 1968 Jim Sands photo of 70 ton 61' IL gon 30018, class GHF (30000-31999) , on Fallen Flags:

Fred Freitas wrote:
I bought 2 pair of the round center spring package trucks for a Reading project; then promptly lost my notes. Do any Reading modelers have the short list of cars
so equipped? Thanks in advance if you can help.

and Evan Leisey replied:
These are Taylor trucks that were used on a few gondola cars and class MXu box cars and tried on 2 bay hoppers. Believe they were 50 ton capacity with
5'6" wheelbase. Larger wheelbase Taylor trucks were used on a few passenger cars and some of the electric multiple-unit commuter cars. The pass. trucks had
a 7'9" wheelbase.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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