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Benjamin Hom

Ed Mines asked:
"Can you guys recommend the most economical way to ship kits?

I'm shipping a P2K gon in it's original box and 2 Athearn gon shells. The P2K box is a little longer than usual so I put everything in a bigger box.

USPO wanted to charge $8+. Staples (who I thought represented UPS)wanted $12+"

Ed, to answer our question, you'll need to do the following homework:

- Weigh the contents of your package plus your shipping box plus the packaging material. Due to the relatively light weight of your contents, I recommend finding a regular shipping box first vice using carrier-provided as they will steer you towards higher-priced services that may not be economical for a small shipment.

- Explore your options online. Go to the USPS postage calculator at
and run your package weight and destination in the calcualtor to figure your postage. You essentially have several different options: First Class Mail (weight less than 13 oz); standard Priority Mail rates, and Priority Mail flat rate packaging. I strongly recommend you explore your options using this too because depending on the weight of your package and the destination, the rates may differ greatly. FedEx and UPS have similar tools online.

- USPS, FedEx, and UPS also allow you to process pacakges and print postage online (Priority Mail only for USPS), saving you time in line at the post office/FedEx Office store/UPS Store.

If you do your homework, you can do better than the prices quoted to you. I've been shipping packages for eBay auctions for over 10 years now, and have learned the system to keep shipping costs down.

Ben Hom

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