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William Keene <wakeene@...>

Ed & Group,

In the mid-1970s -- well into the future for this group -- the Kansas City Railroad Museum requested a flatcar from the KCS to use as a stage for a weekend event. The car we received was in general service and it did have about one-third of its floor timbers missing. It was a good thing we had enough planking and plywood laying around to cover the holes. Or at least most of them.

Back to the present... I can remember seeing some rather well used flat cars in the late 1950s.

Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

On Sep 28, 2010, at 2:33 PM, ed_mines wrote:

Has anyone else seen a flat car with floor boards missing? In revenue service? In the steam era?

About 1980 I saw a car like this in a small train switching my then employer GAF. We were not the only customer; there were 2 other cars besides ours and the flat car. The car was missing 6-8 feet of floorboards. You cound clearly seen the underframe and stringers.

The flat may have been used as a spacer or pusher to get the other cars in/out of a building. Spacer cars like this are frequently seen in pictures on the Long Island Railroad.


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