Re: shipping kits

Tim O'Connor

In addition to weight of 13 oz, a first class package cannot be longer
than 12" in any dimension. First class is the cheapest way to go whenever
possible! Priority Mail/Fixed Price boxes are all 12" or smaller in all
dimensions, until you go to the LARGE box -- and then the price is very
high! So if you're shipping HO passenger cars, UPS probably is the less
expensive route. I recently had to look all this up trying to ship a
long car to New Zealand -- the price jumped from $18 to $40 at the 12"
dimension threshold.

Tim O'Connor

Single car shipping, the goal should be to keep the weight below 13 ounces,
above that there is a big increase to Priority Mail, and about $2.00 more. 1st
class is also non-zone rated, which means a cross crountry shipping will not
cost extra over a near destination. Priority Mail charges hefty extra fees to
farther away destinations.

I will frequently wrap a HO kit with kraft paper. Most freight cars will then
ship 1st class. I sent two kraft wrapped flat cars to a STMFC member; to keep
the total under 13 ounces, I had to remove one of the instructions. The same two
cars in a box would have been about $7.00 instead of the $3.80.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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