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Larry Wolohon


Per my copy of GN Color Guide to Freight & Passenger Equipment by David Hickox, this is a single car as you noted made of 2 1929 Siems Stemble Co. flat cars.

They were combined in 1966 to haul farm implements as an articulated car rather than order or build longer flat cars.

So this is outside the scope of STMFC partly at least.

Larry W.

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At the following URL a photo of two Great Northern flat cars is shown. I know the photo was taken in 1969 nine years after this groups cut-off date but the two cars look to be 40' flats from sometime earlier than 1960. The two cars look as if they are being used as single car, notice the name "Great Northern" is only on the closest car and a car number is on the second car. My question is: Were these cars used this way before the 1960's? And what were they used for? Thanks for any help.
Michael Bishop

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