N&W G3 Gondola decals

Bill Lane


I am sorry if I have asked this before. Has anyone produced a decal set for
the N&W G3 gondola? I imported the G26 and want to do 1 as the G3. Now for
the big wish, it should be someone that produces them on an ALPS because I
want them in ** S Scale ** - for 2 sets.

I don't mind "some" decal bashing, or what I call scissors hell, but the
most important thing for me is matching (in appearance) G26 data with the
other N&W lettering.

I am decaling my G4 now using Greg Komar decals. I got extra sets thinking I
could bash the G3 decals too, but it looks really different.

Any help on how to make this happen would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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