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Jack Burgess <jack@...>

I am in need of some suggestions. No, not what airbrush to buy (I already
have a couple) but how to add paint to a new one. After probably 40 years of
using double-action, bottom-feed (bottle-type) Badger airbrushes, I bought
an Iwata gravity-feed cup HP-C Plus airbrush at the Milwaukee NMRA
Convention. My question is on how to get paint into the gravity-feed cup on
this new airbrush.

With the Badger bottom-feed air brushes, I'd mix the paint in one of several
glass bottles, put on the lid, and attach it to the airbrush. But with the
new gravity-feed airbrush, I need an easy, logical way to mix the paint and
"pour" it into the airbrush cup without making a mess. Once I'm done, I need
an easy way to add solvent to the airbrush cup to clean things up.

The instructions (which are in Japanese with poor translations) show adding
"stuff" to the airbrush cup using a plastic squeeze bottle with a inverted
"U" shaped spout. However, I use solvent-based Floquil paint nearly
exclusively so plastic containers seem questionable. (No, I'm not going to
change to water-based paints.)

So, others who have used gravity-feed airbrushes with solvent-based

What do you use to mix paints that is easy to clean afterward?
Do you have any tricks for pouring the mixed paint into the airbrush cup
without spilling?
Likewise, any special tricks to pouring solvent into the airbrush cup
without spilling?

Jack Burgess
Newark, CA

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