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I use a siphon cup(Paashe VL) when I only need to shoot a little paint or don't feel like cleaning out a jar... I keep the cup less than half full, reduces spillage and allows for a little movement while you're shooting. Same principle should apply to the gravity cup as well.

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>But with the
new gravity-feed airbrush, I need an easy, logical way to mix the paint and
"pour" it into the airbrush cup without making a mess.


I have admired the Iwata airbrushes for some time. But your delima is exactly why I haven't chosen a gravity feed brush. (In addition to tipping the brush up, down, and sideways while painting)

I just noticed this last weekend something that may help. Mr Hobby sells Pipetts/eyedroppers with graduations to help with mixing paints. Pipettes are nothing new but this is the first time I have seen ones with graduations on them. I would suggest mixing your piant in ample quantity to finish the job in a mixing bottle and adding paint to your paint cup as needed with a pipette.

Here is a link to the MR Hobby pippetts.

Ned Carey

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